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Kent Moon
Kent Moon, President/Owner |
With over 25 years of experience in direct marketing, Kent brings a strategic strength to The Addressers that empowers you with fresh solutions and efficiencies for all your marketing campaigns. Kent began in the industry as a database programmer for a major direct marketing company that mailed over 50 million pieces a year. He then moved up to Vice President of Operations/Data Systems for another large mailing and fulfillment company. In 2003, he became the President/Owner of the company you now know as The Addressers with his mission: Achieving peak performance to speed your mailings out the door while saving you money.
Maribel Sison
Maribel Sison, Partner |
What do you get when you team up with a direct marketing expert who's been in the business from the good ol' days of hand-sorting to today's advanced in-house technology at The Addressers? You get Maribel—dedicated to speeding your campaigns to your clients and prospects quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Her strength in database programming and her previous experience as Data Systems Manager for a large mailing and fulfillment company ensure a wealth of knowledge she'll apply to every mailing and marketing campaign you bring to The Addressers.
Donna Mejia
Donna Mejia, Partner |
Donna is one of the reasons why you enjoy a big savings advantage at The Addressers. Working as an account manager, programmer and data processor, she has an eagle's eye for efficiency—which streamlines the process to save time and money. She's highly trained in Management Information Systems, and brings over 17 years of direct marketing experience to the job.
Sydney Edwards
Sydney Edwards, Sales Executive |
Do you wish your personal liaison with your fulfillment house was smart, knowledgeable, efficient—and friendly? Meet Syd, a 16-year direct marketing genius with a knack for "getting" what his clients want and need—ensuring your specific instructions are communicated to the team and followed to the letter. That's how every single mailing and marketing campaign you launch will be fulfilled to your organization's highest standards. If you haven't met Syd yet, he's the rep you're looking for.
Mike Vogel
Mike Vogel, Sales Executive |
As the owner of a progressive mailing house for over 25 years, Mike knows direct marketing and fulfillment inside-out. Now an integral team-member at The Addressers, he brings this world of experience to you, and will help guide your campaigns smoothly around those inevitable speed bumps to streamline your mailings and campaigns with the high efficiency and eye for detail that only comes from experience.
Miguel Islas
Miguel Islas, Production Manager |
At the heart of every mailing is one person who can quickly respond to the mechanical and technological "ghosts in the machine" that only appear when time is tight. Miguel is a whiz at operating, optimizing and repairing almost every machine at The Addressers, including inkjets, inserters, meters, sealers and even the "Mr. Coffee". This is just one of his many capabilities as an efficient Production Manager. Best yet, Miguel is the in-house expert on today's ever-changing Postal Regulations, which means your mailing is in good hands when his hands are on the wheel.
Lucy Zavala
Lucy Zavala, Senior Account Manager |
Some people have a natural talent for multi-tasking. At The Addressers, Lucy can juggle the smallest details of every account, respond to your questions with concise answers, ensure your project speeds through the system, and never drop the ball. And with all this going on in the background, she'll still make you feel like you're our one and only client.
Alex Saad
Alex Saad, Data Processor |
One of the newest additions to The Addressers' family is Alex, who brings over 15 years of data processing experience to the high-speed world of mailing and fulfillment. Working in the background on highly technical projects, he's The Addressers' secret weapon—who succeeds at making our competitors very jealous (and our clients very happy!).
Ana Palacios
Ana Palacios, Digital Printing Manager |
Flawless, clear, personalized digital printing can make or break your campaigns. That's why you want Ana managing all your printing. She brings a wealth of knowledge to every printer at The Addressers—from the advanced digital behemoths down to the smaller laser desktops. She's been with the company just shy of a decade, and is ready to output whatever you need printed—beautifully and economically.
Sameh Attia
Sameh Attia, Account Manager |
It's likely Sameh will be the first person you meet when you visit The Addressers. Warm and welcoming, he'll probably be multitasking on administrative and accounting functions when you arrive. He is, after all, the company accountant and account manager! But don't worry about interrupting him. Greeting clients is his favorite part of the job.
Crystal Moon
Crystal Moon, Account Manager |
Crystal-clear in efficiency, and bright as a harvest moon, you'll find teaming with this extraordinary client services professional to be a highly rewarding experience. She'll ensure that each of your custom projects flow smoothly through all stages of production, from start to finish.
Lorena Lugardo, Fulfillment Coordinator |
You know how important attention to detail can be in fulfillment. That's why Lorena is the perfect person to ensure your campaigns are assembled with precision, and released to the post office with speed—so they reach your clients and prospects on schedule.
Michael Jo, Graphic Artist |
Coming from a corporate design background, Michael is an experienced professional designer that takes your ideas and projects to the next level. He approaches every project with a dedicated passion and has the track record to back it up.